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Riding as support and media/communications guy for the Fuller Center Bicycle adventure Spring Ride is going pretty well.  Each day, I'm up around 6am to pack everything up, eat a quick breakfast, then have a route meeting and head off to scout locations before the riders there.  It's been fun because it really is hard to get a bad shot on the Natchez Trace Parkway.....and the curves on this road have been amazing...giant long sweeper turns that are all perfectly paved and clean...a motorcyclist's dream.  Only problem, the speed limit for the whole parkway is only 50mph, which is tough to stick to when you're at the helm of a Ducati!  Plus, since the parkway is all federal property, if you get a ticket here, it's a federal one = not good.  The 1st pic above is the burial site of Merriweather Lewis of the famous Lewis-Clarke expedition. The 2nd pic was a perfectly sunny day in front of some indian burial mounds...these are thousands of years old.  If you want to see what the day was like on that first pic, click HERE to see the bicycle video I edited for that day...

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