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Days 15, 16, 17

And so, my week with the Fuller Center for Housing Bicycle Adventure is now complete.  It was an amazing time in getting to know people from all over the country and getting to help build a few houses as well.  The thurs. of last week was their day off, so that's when we all drove 45 min to Water Valley Mississippi for a Build Day.  It was amazing how a little bit of our time and energy for a day will literally change someone's life for years to come...It really makes me think, and on a motorcycle, you have a lot miles and time to think.  The 3rd pic above is one of these residents, she's 91, still drives, and has been an active member in caring for the sick and disabled in her own community, a real champion of rural Mississippi.   The rest of the pics above are more from the amazing Natchez Trace parkway, I've ridden sections before, but never the whole thing...what a treat.  BUT, I will admit, it's very very difficult to keep to that 50mph speed limit with the perfect road and long sweeping turns. :-) More pics from the last day of the Bicycle Adventure tomorrow...

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