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Days 17, 18

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So, these were the last days of the ride. As luck would have it, we arrived at the Capitol building in Jackson on St Patrick's there was green and people everywhere since the parade was about to start a few blocks away.  It was such a beautiful day to ride, and yet it was bittersweet knowing I would be saying goodbye to everyone the next day.  And yet, from the looks of it I might be seeing some of them again very soon.  I've decided to take part in their west coast ride this summer where they will be riding from Seattle to San Diego starting July 13th.  I will again be their communications/PR person and I'm really looking forward to riding a lot of the west coast and highway 1 that I've only seen in this summer is going to epic!  But for now, it's time to change gears again and begin the trek up to Moab, UT where I have some filming work for a few weeks after which we'll be spending a few days in White Sands, NM and then back to home base in Seattle.  Whew...may the weather be kind to me these last few weeks!


PS- thanks so much to everyone for the comments or just letting me know that you stopped by.  I've really enjoyed sharing this adventure here and it gives me inspiration to post photos and vids, even at the end of a 500 miles,, thank you guys

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