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End of week 2...

And so, I am back in north Idaho and the trip is officially over, but I'll be updating the rest of the journey here.  I'm sure you all recognize the lead picture...yup, the giant sequoias of northern California.  Once I crossed over from Oregon the landscape really did begin to change...the coast became less rugged, the tress got bigger, and the gas wayyyy more expensive.  Even still, that is part of the beauty of a journey; it forces you to see things with your own eyes and not just take some magazine's or talking head's word for it.  Another thing that I've come to realize over the thousands of miles of adventuring is that most people don't know what they're talking about.  What do I mean by this? Well, most people have never ridden a motorcycle in their lives, so when you ask how far some place is or how the weather is they seem to automatically assume that you're a 5 year-old on a tricycle who's wandered away from home.  I can't count how many times I've heard, "oh, the weather is too bad for you there." or "you wouldn't go there on a motorcycle." Reallllly....I've just gotten to the point where I nod, and smile, and silently wish them the blissfully bored life that they've embraced. 

So, back out the open road I stopped to take a few of the pics above...#2 was awesome fish and chips at a little place called the Crazy Norwegian in little Port Orford, OR, and by little, well, have a look at pics #2&3, that was the whole town! #4 beach riding, of course! #5 apparently they traveled from Minnesota #10 was a coffee shop/hot tub/sauna in Arcata, CA.  Such an awesome little place! #12 a riverbed, of course! #14 "The Idea of Letting Go"

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