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1993 Ducati 900ss High & Low Pipe


Union Motorcycle Classic


1993 Ducati 900ss High Pipe by Union Motorcycle

1993 Ducati 900ss Low Pipe by Union Motorcycle


1993 Ducati 900ss Low Pipe
The call came from our Northern neighbors: can you build a bike for a nice chappy from Canada? Always international ambassadors of goodwill, we responded with, "Natch!"

We sourced an imperfect but sound 93 900SS and broke it down. Using the molds from the first 900SS, we reconstructed the frame and manufactured bodywork. This helped us justify the hours we took shaping the original parts. The customer wanted an encore of the paint we used on the high pipe bike, but we convinced him to go with a variation on the original theme. Builder knows best! Many of the stock Ducati parts were retained this go around..

1993 Ducati 900ss High Pipe
Check out this Cinderella story: Boy meets bike, Boy likes bike, Boy crashes bike. Keep reading. It gets better. From the ashes of its damaged frame, all parts were removed. A one of a kind fiberglass tail section was crafted to work with a sectioned stock frame that was rebuilt from the rear motor mounts back. The proportions of this bike puts one in mind of the Scuderia Spaggiari Ducati and Tony Rutter's TT2. Once again, a GFTP piece was created just for this rising phoenix from the ashes: a modified 900SS front fairing to accept the headlights and turn signals. The tank is a collaboration of a 900SS tank and a late 80s 750 Sport. Custom brackets and period race parts complete the package.

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