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M1100S ABS

2010 M1100S ABS.  She's not quite complete.  Still waiting on Arrow headers and custom painted body panels.

List of Upgrades/Mods:

Corse Panels

DP Low seat

DP Carbon sprocket cover

DP carbon gauge cover

Comp Werks Slip-ons

EVR Slipper Clutch

EVR clutch slave

SpeedyMoto Clutch cover

SpeedyMoto Sliders

SpeedyMoto top triple

SpeedyMoto Tall Boy clip-ons

Rizoma Billet reservoirs and mounts

Rizoma grips and bar ends

Rizoma cam shaft covers

CRG hind sight mirror

Brembo RCS brake and clutch master cylinders

Brembo nickle cadmium billet CNC calipers

CNC Alternator cover

Engear gear/shift indicator

Ducabike rear-sets

Ohlins steering damper (custom mount)

TPO kick stand switch eliminator servo eliminator

Arrow headers on order

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